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Group Courses

Groups of 4

Online/ Live

Weekly 2 hour sessions, for 6 weeks with an option to extend.

Ideal for those wishing to undergo a series of workshop sessions to investigate, explore and refresh their relationship with Shakespeare. They will have plenty of time to perform but also the opportunity of learning from others’ experiences in the group.


Solo sessions 

Online/ Live

Tailored to the needs of the actor.


Ron will ask the individual what they would like to achieve and work out a bespoke plan for the session(s).

Ideal for those wishing to work on an audition piece/ prepare for a role or who would prefer to be trained by Ron, independently. 


Groups of 8-12


Half-day or 2-hour sessions.

Example of workshops: 

- Shakespeare: For The Actor 

- The Shakespearean Actor's Toolkit 

- Shakespeare for Screen

- Auditioning with Shakespeare 

- Applying Shakespeare to modern texts

Online Masterclass

Group numbers TBC


International online masterclasses 


Coming soon

Ron hosts a dynamic weekly 'salon' that draws actors from all corners of the United States. They come seeking Ron's guidance to rejuvenate their grasp of Shakespeare, explore fresh perspectives, and refine their skills for auditions and roles. Our salon participants span the spectrum, from accomplished Tony award-winners to budding actors eager to hone their craft.

Now, back in the vibrant theater scene of London, Ron is fueled by the resounding success of his recent trial UK salon. His experience there has illuminated a gap in the training opportunities available to actors in the UK, inspiring him to extend his expertise to those seeking a deeper Shakespearean education.


To conquer Shakespeare is to conquer acting


Delving into the world of Shakespearean texts stands as the pinnacle of an actor's training journey. Ron firmly believes that conquering Shakespeare means conquering acting itself. The knowledge gained through the study of Shakespeare is not confined to his works alone; it effortlessly extends to other texts, enriching an actor's toolkit.

In a recent salon session, one of Ron's dedicated actors, after several weeks of Shakespearean exploration, seamlessly applied the techniques gleaned from Ron to a TV drama script. The outcome was nothing short of astounding, as the actor's performance took on a brilliant new dimension.

Yet, Ron remains unwavering in his commitment to the actor's craft. He refuses to burden the art with excessive textual analysis or rigid, one-size-fits-all rules. Ron firmly believes that such over-intellectualization often hampers the actor's natural connection with the writer and obstructs the flow of a captivating performance.

In keeping with his dedication to individualized learning, Ron offers a range of customizable packages. Whether you prefer diving into an intensive half-day workshop for a concentrated, knowledge-packed experience, or a weekly journey through a short course, or even one-on-one sessions where you take the spotlight, Ron is here to collaborate with you in a way that suits your unique learning style, making you feel most comfortable on your artistic path.

Applications and requirements

Actors should have graduated from drama school or have comparable experience in the industry.


However, one-to-ones are available to drama school applicants who wish to work on their audition speeches.


Ron works with actors across every stage in their career. 


If you would like to undergo any of the packages offered, please fill out this form


All coaching is subject to completion of the form. To check compatibility, applications may involve an informal chat with Ron over Zoom and possibly the performing of a monologue.


If you think you might be interested in coaching, please download our e-prospectus. 


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